Live photo album
Create unforgettable memories
with magical photos that come to life
What is Livestora?

Demo video
Livestora offers a digital layer to make the experience of looking through your printed photos more immersive. With augmented reality, we make your regular photos come to life — open Livestora app, point camera at the picture and watch it come to life.
Holding a printed photo album is like holding a happy memory in your hands. That's why in the age of fleeting Instagram posts so many people choose to save their special occasion on paper, a timeless physical form.

How it works
Here's an overview how a photographer
can create a live photo album for you
Your event photography
It's just like a regular photography session plus recording a short video clip to make the photo come to life. You can get really creative with this concept.
Let us do the magic
Photographer uploads photo & video files to make your album available in the Livestora app. You get a unique QR code so only you can see your photos.
Enjoy it for lifetime
All Livestora photos come with our 100 year warranty document. We are ready to store your media files securely and support all future devices.
Live Demo — Try it now
Follow these simple steps to see a live photo right now
Download Livestora app
Available on the App Store and Google Play.
Point camera on photos below
Open Livestora app and choose "Try without album" option. Then, point your mobile device on photographs below.
See how photos come to life on your device
It will work just the same with your printed photo albums.
Livestora App
Livestora is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.
Get this app to see your live album or try our demo photos.
"Feels just as magical as in Harry Potter"
Join as a partner
Are you a photographer, videographer or a wedding agency? Get a unique competitive advantage by creating live photo albums for your clients with Livestora. Your first album is free for you.